People learn from everyday examples and simple science to become more #distinctive, #memorable & #valued. There are three phases – Dialogue, Definition and Decisions, held together by The MERIT Method ® – a part-qualitative, part-quantitative working framework that explains the concept of #value and provides a tool for improvement. The model includes “five fundamentals”, seen from the perspective of the giver and receiver of that #value:

  1. Memory – who comes to mind, when the receiver recalls the giver (and the influence of perceptions)
  2. Emotion – why the receiver connects with the giver, and ways interpersonal states and reactions are managed
  3. Results – what outcomes the giver produces and delivers for the receiver, including the various methods used
  4. Innovation – where the giver creates more value, or solves the receiver’s specific, important  or wicked problems
  5. Time – when the receiver recognises value, and how the giver handles those points, moments and phases (includes the “right time, right place” principle)

And we know that every situation is different, making each fundamental more, or less, important. They work together and pull apart. The fun comes from thinking about each factor, and what you could be doing to increase your “today and tomorrow” value – making people and companies #standout.

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