Hello World!

After five years of observing, studying, reflecting and creating, I’m ready to go-live with Meritology. So what’s this all about?

Meritology makes you think, as you debate and define the real and perceived value you offer to customers, colleagues and communities. It’s a professional hobby that sits alongside running The Henley Partnership at the brilliant Henley Business School. The Meritology work is my own, and I’ll add Henley thinking when it energises the discussion (for example in areas like Leadership, Strategy and Marketing) or strengthens a viewpoint I’m taking. I will quote from elsewhere – this is not just about Mark Swain and Henley Business School. That broad perspective will take the discussion in many directions. If this was an airport, it would definitely be a hub. We’ll be coming and going to lots of places from here!

My intention is to take both a personal and corporate perspective – giving senior people and interesting businesses a much clearer view of their value (either today, or what’s needed tomorrow and future). Short-term and long-term, I believe having that clarity is critical. That’s why I created The MERIT Method℠.  And along the way I’ll share my observations, of real-life situations that demonstrate #standout behaviour (good and bad). Then we’ll have a developing perspective on how to be distinctive and different, and increase value at a personal and corporate level.

And I’m looking to collect contributors and collaborators along the way. So please comment and get involved, and thanks for listening and reading!

P.S. And ask why I use the blue bow tie – it’s a simple and straightforward way to explain what Meritology is all about.

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