Let Them Eat Cake?

Meritology is always looking for examples of where people add great value to customers. So congratulations to Richoux in St John’s Wood for some #standout service yesterday (it’s a great place for a grown-up lunch, by the way). They proved it’s easy to bring innovation to even the most basic service. Here’s the story.

We’ve been there before, and were confused by the vast array of desserts and pastries on offer. We went for a look, didn’t know what to choose, and ended up saying no. This time, the server brought to our table a wooden tray of various desserts. It was the 2015 version of bringing round the dessert trolley. And, not surprisingly, we both had dessert*.

I have no clue whether the tray is a “corporate” instruction, or the idea of one of their staff. And I don’t really care.  It came across as a simple and smiling way to encourage us to take dessert. Good for us, and good for takings. Last time their approach was to “let them eat cake” (passive). This time, the attitude was to “help them eat cake” (active). Maybe that doesn’t seem like such a big deal, but anything that makes the customer say “wow” has to be a good thing. And it was so simple. And impressive. And memorable….

“Innovation opportunities do not come with the tempest but with the rustling of the breeze.” – Peter Drucker

* And in case you’re interested, I took the perfect apple strudel and my wife had a slice of the fantastic black forest gateaux (very “eighties”!). We’ll be back to try the others…!

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